About Us

Kuswahas Farm2Factory Industry was established in 2015 and is leading agricultural industry based in Bihar. Kuswahas Farm2Factory is involved in trading of agricultural products and provide agricultural equipments to farmers in India. Some of the other notable services of the company include soil testing, Providing storage houses to farmers and post harvest management.

Kuswahas Farm2Factory is now embarking upon a very aggressive growth strategy. While growth will be a key factor ,other factors like farmer conditions , storage of agro products will play a crucial role in achieving our objectives set for the next five years.

Our Mission

To enhance livings for farmers by providing Agri-euipments, seeds, storage and markets.

Our Vision

We shall be amongst the leaders, in providing agri solutions and in relevant equipment segments by.

. Providing modern technology of farming
. Providing great qualities of seeds and farming equipments
. Suitable farming advice by testing soil conditions
. Markets and appropriate cost of products
. Nurturing innovation across the value chain

Our Values

. Trust
. Excellence
. Partnering
. Care
. Innovation
. Awareness